Most Common Questions We Get About Pawn

A pawn is basically a collateral loan. We lend money on the item you bring in whether it is jewelry, a gun, collectibles, a vehicle, power tools or anything else of value. The loan is based on the value of the item. When you pay back the loan, based upon the terms, the item is returned to you. You can also choose to surrender your item to us as payment in full.
There can be many variables that go into the value of the item including; appraised value, condition, ability to sell the item, quality, and much more. The process we go through to appraise the item will vary based upon the type of item, for example, a gun is evaluated differently than a DVD Player.
We pawn or buy everything of value. Some of the more common items our customers bring in are: • Guns • Jewelry • Tools • Bicycles • ATV’s & RV’s • Cars • Watches • DVD Players • DVD Movies • Gaming Systems • TV’s • Laptops • Stereos • Video Recorders • Musical Instruments
Absolutely. We buy items from people all the time. Please understand that we don’t buy everything, we have to make sure your item is in good condition and is something that we are confident we can sell.